This is how you join our loyalty club The Circus!

It's finally here, our loyalty club The Circus! As a member you can continue to collect bonus points, but also take part of news, local happenings and surprises from both us and friends of Pinchos. We’ve also added an extra welcome gift to make you feel really welcome. Almost too good to be true, right?! Here's how to become a member of The Circus:

1. Download the Pincho Nation app

Start by downloading our Pincho Nation app, it is available in the App Store for iPhone and on Google Play for Android.

Open the app and select a restaurant from the list.

Steg 1

2. Click "Join the Circus"

Once on the restaurant page, click on the button "Join The Circus!"

Steg 2

3. Read and go forward

You will now be able to read a little more about what you as a member get out of being in The Circus. However, like most people, you will probably skip this and click "UPGRADE NOW" to get to the sign-on page.

Steg 3

4. Tell us a bit more about you

Here you will fill in your information and tell us a little more about yourself and click "JOIN!"

Steg 4

5. Choose if you want offers & news

Congratulations! You are now officially a member of The Circus and you can choose if you want us to send you news and offers, as well as choose up to five character traits that suit you.

Steg 5

6. Here is your new profile!

You have now gone through our sign up and your upgraded profile is complete. Here you can see your earned bonus tapss in a new and slightly simpler view, as well as take advantage of current offers and news.

Don't forget to click on your extra bonus tapas voucher and claim it! It will be added to your earned bonus.

Do you have questions about The Circus? Here you will find the FAQ.