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Become a Pincho Nation Franchisee 

Maybe you think that Pincho Nation is a concept that would work in your city? If you’re looking for answers, you’ve come to the right place.

We are one of the leading franchise concepts in Sweden and perhaps among the most successful. More than 80% of our restaurants are run by franchisees, local entrepreneurs who love the restaurant they operate. We believe our franchisees are our super power and in general they have a 5–6 % higher profitability than the industry average.

When you become a part of the Pincho Nation family you will get access to a well-known brand and a successful business model. That means you can focus fully on service and quality.

Our mission is to spark happiness by serving flavourful fun in our amazing world full of heart, passion and a touch of imagination. Pincho Nation is not just a restaurant – it’s a destination.

Imagine sitting in a restaurant transformed into a cosy, colourful and crazy living room inspired by a circus where everyone feels like family. The scent of popcorn fills the air, the velvet sofas and dimmed lights remind you of the Moulin Rouge, and you hear the sound of laughter and clinking glasses while scrolling the menu for something delicious to eat. Exciting dishes from all over the world to share (or not share!) cover the table, someone gets a colourful drink in their hand, and that calls for a toast of course! Can you picture it? Now imagine that it’s your restaurant. 

Being a part of the Pincho Nation family means we are here for you all the way. From hatching ideas to helping set everything up – maybe you have a ventilation problem? Or need help with the building plans / permits? We’ve got you. 

It’s a turnkey concept. You’ll get a strong and established business model and trademark with a track record of fast profitability. With approximately 70 restaurants in the nordics, opened since 2012, we know what we’re doing. 

·   100% commitment. 
·   Pre-negotiated contracts with suppliers.
·   Central and operative support, including tech and infrastructure.
·   Established contacts with banks and financial backers.
·   The Pinchoversity education programme. 
·   An optimised business idea and concept.
·   Gigantic know-how. 
·   An established and effective way of working.
·   Marketing. 
·   Our loyalty program, The Society.

Our ambition is now to grow with 20 new restaurants in Norway in the coming three years.
Are you ready to seize a life-changing opportunity and make the dream of owning your own business come true? Maybe you are that local hero we are looking for, and want to join the Pincho Nation family? We’d love to set up a meeting and walk you through the detailed process. Please contact us below.


Pincho Nation is actively seeking prime, central locations in various cities across Finland for our upcoming restaurant ventures. To help you understand what we're looking for in the perfect property, we've outlined our key criteria below. If you believe you have a property that aligns with our requirements, please don't hesitate to get in touch using the contact form below.

We look forward to exploring exciting real estate opportunities with you!

We typically target cities with a population of at least 70,000 inhabitants, but exceptions exist. For instance, cities with high tourist activity during the summer or winter seasons can also be considered.

The location should be centrally situated, but the key criterion is that it should be within a vibrant area surrounded by bars, restaurants, and shops. Our preference is to open restaurants in areas where people frequent for dining in the evenings.

Ideal Size: 350 sqm to 450 sqm 
Preferred: Ground floor location 
For Multi-Floor Locations: An elevator may be necessary for accessibility.

Ideally, the restaurant should be located  in a highly visible, well-frequented area. We prioritize high-quality old buildings or renovated structures. Outdoor terrace or the possibility for outdoor seating is highly desirable.

We prefer locations that have previously housed other restaurants, as they are likely to have suitable infrastructure in place.

- Airflow 1350 liters (7 liters/person). Fan cover 1500 liters / sec.
- Power connection offering at least 200 amps 
- Grease separator is essential, recycle heat from machines into the ventilation system, completed drainage and waste management system.
- Permits for fire regulation according to premises and amounts of staff and guests. 
- The size of guest and staff restrooms should align with local regulatory requirements.

We seek long-term rental contracts with flexible options. There should be no restrictions regarding opening times or limitations on the types of food and beverages offered.

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